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An Autumn Walk ~ Central New Hampshire Portrait Photographer ~ Storyteller

October 23, 2013  •  2 Comments

For me, Autumn is an end; it is the slow death of summer and the birth of something cold, raw and relentless. Most people thoroughly enjoy the coming of the crisp air, snap of leaves and the shifting light.. but I have a difficult time adjusting to waking in the dark, feeling endlessly cold. As I get older I long for warm days, gentle breezes, open windows, soft rain and the hum of summer critters at night. 

Autumn tosses out her banners of bold colors, and sings strong, robust music in the winds. She carries Summer's bounty gently to the ground and lays it to rest.  It is a lovely memorial to the months that have passed. 

But, regardless of how lovely, it is still a death.. a time to curl in upon myself and wait. Wait for Spring, when we can throw open windows and celebrate the death of Winter and the birth of Summer.

The images resonate more when set to music.. not the typical music I use for my client slideshows, but more just for us, my family. I love music that evokes emotion and this is perfect for this time of year.  Hope you enjoy! 




Instagram App Fun!

February 05, 2013  •  2 Comments

I havent had my camera with me as much lately since it's winter. And cold. And well, sometimes it's nice to take a break. But I do carry my iPhone4 with me everywhere. (Not the 5 although my birthday is coming up.. hint. hint.) I take a lot of photos with my phone. A lot. Too much? Well.. can you ever take too many photos? I am on Instagram and love it! So much fun! Although I am not crazy about their preset actions as they tend to over process, and hence, look over processed. I know, crazy, right? :) 



I'd love to follow others on Instagram! Just follow me and I'll be happy to return the favor! (Click here to visit my Instagram Profile.) My profile name is Abbie Mooney (if you click on the above slideshow of my Instagram photos you'll be taken to, which I used for the slideshow). 


My most favorite way to process my images is using the VSCO CAM from Visual Supply Company. Loooove this app! Also.. if you'd like your images to have a white border to allow them to maintain their 4:3 ratio (or another ratio other than square) the easiest app for it is Squaready. Easy to use and works great! 

I went to back up my phone images on December 31st, (a good thing to do once a year..) and I had 2000!!! Eep! I popped them into iPhoto on my Mac and created a book with them. It wasn't cheap.. (around $55 for a 40 page hardcover 8x10 book) BUT I was able to put all of the images from 2011 (about 900!!) into it instead of weeding through them and having prints made. (some are not 'print worthy' but fun none the less) The photo book was printed and shipped by Apple and it came out lovely. The kids love browsing through it and seeing our entire year! 

I plan to do another book for 2012 and then continue as the years go on. Scary to think about it, but someday we may have 9-10 books of phone camera memories! 

Happy Shooting!




January 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It is -5 out. That is cold. Bitter cold. The kind of cold that makes snow break and your breathe snap.

There is power in the cold.

Everything fills with an electric charge and hair flies on end from static. Everything is bright and crisp. Clean. Clear. 

A quick study of deer and moose antlers.  

We have dozens of antler sheds scattered throughout our home. On shelves, under tables, and on top of cupboards.  My husband has collected them for years.  All of them either he or his father found. 

Hope you are staying warm!




Photography Business Branding

January 19, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


With the arrival of the new year, I am starting 2013 with a fresh face for AM Photography. For the past few months I have been brainstorming what message I want my logo, color scheme and presentation packaging to say about my business. After a lot of back and forth, I think it's finally done. 

My goal was something simple, organic, not overdone and honest. My inspirations came from the treasures my family has collected on our journeys... the washed, warm grays of seashells and the warm browns of soft feathers, left behind by our flock of wild turkeys.

Recycled kraft paper boxes, Italian cotton ribbon and linen papers just make me happy! My workspace/office is done, my wrapped canvas prints are hung and I am so very excited to enjoy 2013 with my clients!  I hope your family has lovely new adventures this year and I'd be honored to document them for you! 




Supply Resources for the products used:

Kraft Paper Boxes ~

Italian Cotton Ribbon ~

White Linen Papers ~

Labels ~


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